Dear April,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are and have been with the Calabasas Klubhouse.  As a parent of a "graduated student" and one in school, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Our son went into the "ability level" Kindergarten at WHES and was more than prepared. He could read, write and do beginning math.  The teachers were both loving and instructive.  He is now in the ability level 1st grade and doing great.  Our daughter is in the Butterfly class and has just learned to write her own name.  She comes home excited about what she has learned and looks forward to going to school every morning.

I can't say enough about the care and devotion the teachers have shown to our children over the past 4 years.  It is a very safe and comfortable environment for them.

Thank you for all the hard work you've put in to make the Klubhouse such a great experience.  
I would and have recommended the Klubhouse to anyone.


Lauren Coulter

A big thank you for all the support, respect, education and nurturing that has been given to our children, as well as, our whole family.  There seems to be no end to the multitude of small details that make Calabasas Klubhouse such a terrific place to entrust our children. Our family has definitively benefited from our time here and we feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity.  We have recommended this school to many families. I love to tell people how beautiful the landscape is and how happy my children have been growing up here at the Calabasas Klubhouse.


The Olshevers

 To Whom It May Concern:

I, Arax Harutunian, have a daughter and son that attend the Calabasas Klubhouse.  The purpose of this email is to inform you about the positive experience I have at the Calabasas Klubhouse.  My daughter recently completed her second school year at the Klubhouse and my son recently completed his first semester at the Klubhouse - I could not have asked for a kinder, gentler environment for my children's first introduction to a classroom setting.  The teachers, the staff, and the administration, including Ms. Friedman and all of the teachers, attend to the needs of their students and the parents of the students.  They make great efforts to provide a happy, nurturing environment that enable the students to grow in both their educational and social endeavors.  I cannot think of a better place for a child's first "classroom" experience.

Again, the teachers, administration and staff should be commended for all of their hard work and dedication to our community's children.

Thanks again to the Calabasas Klubhouse.

Very truly yours,
Arax Harutunian

When searching for pre-schools for our first child we were really nervous and uncertain as new parents.  We looked at many schools and after visiting Calabasas Klubhouse at Creekside Park, the worries and questions disappeared. The Klubhouse offered the right environment for our child, and felt that the staff was highly educated and motivated to teach our son.  Just as important to us as his education was the care he would be receiving in a new educational environment.  The teachers, directors, staff and Principal are highly trained in education, as well as the art of TLC.  The school surroundings are park-like and serene, and allow the children to learn and socialize in a beautiful open setting.  The other parents and children also make this feel like one big community.  We now have our third child attending Calabasas Klubhouse, and as our last, it is hard to let go.  But it is so much easier knowing that each day we drop her off at school she is safe, she is learning, and she is loved.  Just as her two older siblings were so well prepared, educationally and emotionally for Kindergarten and beyond, so will she.  The assurance that your child is safe, happy and confident is the best pre-education any one can ask for.  Calabasas Klubhouse has been an exceptional experience for our family. The only drawback is that we wish we had more children to send there.

Thanks Calabasas Klubhouse for being outstanding in every way.


The Ivie Family: Marc, Kelli, Cole, Ella & Liv